Situation regarding travel discount certificates – Certificado de Empadronamiento para Viajar (viaje) – for residents following Brexit

Updated (Janet) 19 July: And it’s bubbled up again … no change, still, though.

Updated (Janet) 23 May: To those who for some reason are finding this a pressing matter right now, no there is no further update, clarity, or information. If there ever is, naturally it will be posted and until it is, the situation remains as described below.

Original post (Mencey) 16 January: Following several questions lately about the rights of British Nationals to a travel discount certificate from local councils after Brexit, it’s best to post about the situation, which is one of some confusion. Since the Empadronamiento para Viajar certificate (viaje), which provides travel and other discounts, is governed by EU regulation, it is covered by EU law. As such it is for legal residents within the EU.

Some councils seem to understand this and are issuing viajes to those on the padrón who can provide a Registro or TIE to show that they’ve registered with the police, which is the only confirmation of legal residence. Others are requiring the registration document to be permanent, showing someone has been here more than five years and so with permanencia. Others are saying they’ll give viajes to anyone on the padrón whether or not they’ve registered with the police. Yet others are saying that the system does not cover British nationals because the UK has left the EU. One council is saying yes to British nationals with an old Registro but not to those with a new TIE because that’s a third-country nationals’ document!

It is therefore a rather chaotic situation and currently something of a postcode lottery. Legally, anyone who can show residence that has been registered with the police should be entitled – even if their registration is only five minutes old, and as both UK and Spanish Governments have previously confirmed, legal registration documents are either the old Registro or the new TIE. It is a different matter, however, getting that entitlement when faced with a council gatekeeper’s refusal. We’ll post any information that becomes available as the situation becomes clearer.