Six bomberos treated for exhaustion after firefighting most of night in horrendous garage blaze

I think we all consider the bomberos to be heroes, and never more than when we learn that six of them had to be treated overnight for exhaustion after fighting a raging blaze in a garage of an apartment block in Punta del Hidalgo, on the coast in La Laguna municipality. Emergency services say that they were called out just before 3am with reports of the fire, and that Policía Local and bomberos were dispatched to the scene where they evacuated residents who had gone up to the roof terrace: one of the, a 65-year-old woman, was treated on site for smoke inhalation but none needed hospital attention.

The firefighters, however, faced an horrendous scene in the garages which cover two floors and in which nine vehicles were incinerated and many more suffered damage. By dawn, they were still on site, exhausted, and fighting to extinguish the fire, which emergency services say was finally put out shortly after 8am with some bomberos remaining on site to damp down and air the building.


  1. out of interest , if you have a fire and call the bomberos , do you then have to pay them ? was told this by someone but thought it unlikely

    1. Author

      No, all emergency services are free here, though they can charge for instances where the call out was unnecessary, or due to carelessness. I’ve explained it all HERE.

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