Solution nearer for calima allergy sufferers

Two science researchers, Cristina González and Nuria Teigell, say that after a year’s study into air samples from calimas, they have found the weather phenomena to contain a great diversity of allergenic fungi and bacteria. The research was carried out by the Tropical Diseases and Public Health Institute of the Canaries, which is part of the Universidad de La Laguna (ULL),  and demonstrates clearly that calimas bring allergens, and explains the respiratory problems calimas can produce.

The calimas also bring bacteria and fungi that attack vegetable life, which would help explain the sometimes ravaging effects of calimas on crops. Ultimately, however, the studies are focused on human public health, and their research continues in the hope of finding clinical uses for the classifications and analysis of the spores, including whether the bacteria transported through the air during calimas can carry viruses.  The research could lead to vaccines to help prevent allergic reactions in those who are particularly susceptible or vulnerable. El Dia

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