Some in Tenerife to see a partial solar eclipse at sunset next Monday, 21 August

Photo: European Space Agency.

There will be a solar eclipse next Monday, and here in Tenerife it will be visible as a 41% eclipse. Only those with unrestricted views to the west will be able to see it, however, because it will only be visible at the point of sunset. The Museo de la Ciencia y el Cosmos has encouraged the public to watch the event, but advises that even though it will be late in the day, and at the point of sunset, special care should still be taken to view through protective glasses or some other means which will give full protection to the eyes. The Museum explains that for those who get to see it, this eclipse will start at 7.51pm but won’t be appreciable until around 8.30pm when the moon will have obscured nearly half the setting sun. There’s an interactive map showing the eclipse path HERE.


  1. Author

    I know this will sound supercilious but it’s not meant to be. The eclipse will be visible anywhere in the west where there is nothing between the viewer and the late setting sun … i.e. somewhere where the sun is setting without anything in front of it, like La Gomera. The eclipse is late in the sunset, so you need to be somewhere where you can see the sun going into the sea.

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