South Tenerife now has a crematorium as Arona unveils new facilities in Cho-Parque La Reina

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento.

Cho-Parqe La Reina is to be the home of the first ever tanatorio-crematorio in south Tenerife. The new crematorium, inaugurated today, will offer a complete funerary service for all in the south without relatives and friends of the deceased forced to make the journey up to the crematoria in the metropolitan area. The facility is the work of Grupo Mémora which has invested over €1m in the project, which provides four chapels of rest, an oratory chapel, and the cremation facilities.

The new crematorium was opened by Arona mayor José Julián Mena who was accompanied by a representative from Grupo Mémora, Juan José Domínguez. Also present were members from the Cabildo and Arona Ayuntamiento. Mayor Mena congratulated Grupo Mémora for its initiative and said that the new crematorium provides a fundamental service that had been seriously lacking in previous years