South Tenerife police operation in €1.5m swoop on fake goods vendors

Police say that 39 people have been arrested in south Tenerife in a swoop against fake goods. The operation, by the Policía Nacional from the Comisaria in Playa de las Américas have seeized some 4,000 products valued at around €1.5m. Police say that they set up a team to deal with the problem after receiving denuncias from representatives of the brands being copied, typically those retailing sports fashion, watches, perfumes and accessories.


  1. Shame that it is just the retailers. They want to hit the importers and distributors.

  2. just have a couple of plain clothes coppers nicking them itll be gone in a week.
    to be honest the Chinese women were more of a pest waving dangerous toys at the kids.

  3. Anyone who buys this junk is just wasting money – obviously fake, poorly made and falls apart in days. I’m surprised it’s still available anywhere. But while people will buy it the crooks will sell it somehow.

  4. The police should try hitting San Blas on the Golf del Sur there is plenty being sold there as well.

  5. They should clamp down on the prostitutes outside of Anchor Bar and the drug dealers.

  6. They should stop people in ten bell tower shops selling fake tobacco aswel

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