South Tenerife boroughs have suffered alarming unemployment increases in 2009, claims IUC

Tfe Sur unemployment rises 2009

Political party Izquierda Unida Canaria (Canarian United Left) has defined the increase in unemployment in the south of Tenerife as “alarming”, saying that between January and November of this year, it has risen from 19,198 to 23,747, a percentage increase of 23.70%.

The southern group of the IUC says the problem is the clear result of a speculative and get-rich-quick economic model without the local governments putting in place joined-up measures necessary for sustainable growth and employment. The Canarian Government also came under attack, with the group accusing it of favouring large and unprofitable infrastructure projects which devour natural resources.

Unemployment cannot continue to grow in this way, the IUC argued, and insisted that the official figures naturally did not even take account of the large number of foreign workers who had left the islands and removed themselves from the statistics, nor the self-employed who had deregistered their businesses. A crisis which would offer few solutions was coming, concluded the group.

As can be seen from the chart above, the municipality of San Miguel has suffered most of all the southern boroughs, with an increase in unemployment this year of 30.40%. Nearly as bad has been Adeje, with an increase of 29.94%. Arona is third, with 24.08%. In terms of actual numbers of unemployed, however, Arona is far ahead of the other municipalities, with 8,733 people out of work, compared with the next worst, Granadilla, with 5,642 unemployed.    Canarias24Horas

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