Southern Hospital works to restart

The Canarian Health Service, Sanidad, has announced that works on the hospital at El Mojón are to resume. Construction stopped last August when the contractor, Sacyr, argued that the budget was insufficient and suggested reducing the quality of materials to be used. Tenerife President Carlos Alonso expressed his satisfaction at the news that the South Hospital works will be underway once again, and confirmed that they will be carried out according to the original contract, with no reduction in quality. Alonso said that he believed everything would go well now and that ultimately the hospital would be delivered by January 2018.


  1. If this means that the sometimes daily journey to N. S de Candalaria hospital can be avoided then this is great news. The South of the island has been neglected for too long. Could this also pave the way for a commercial centre in the south with the likes of Al Campo or Carrefour?

  2. Good for the president, I understand he stuck to his guns when the contractors tried to up the costs. We could do with a few more politicians who don’t play the game

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