Spain approves historic Minimum Living Wage

The Spanish Government has approved its new Ingreso Mínimo Vital, a Minimum Living Wage that will help some 850,000 households and around 2.3m people who are in a vulnerable situation. The Government says that the measure is not just an economic measure but a social one that includes strategies to help those on the margins of society to integrate more, and which will be coordinated by regional Governments and local ayuntamientos to assist those with a minimum annual income of under around €12,000 – the minimum wage definition varies depending on individual circumstances such as numbers in a family.

The new assistance can be applied for from 15 June. Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez says that it fulfills his promise that no-one will be left behind in Spain because no country can prosper when a part of its population is excluded. The PM said that the Minimum Living Wage was an historic measure for Spain, a new pillar of the wellbeing of the nation itself which will make Spain a fairer and more supportive country.  The system will be managed via Social Security (INSS) and there will be more information no doubt in coming days and weeks.

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