Spain celebrates Europe Day as one of EU’s most committed member states

Today, 9 May, is Europe Day, and España Global, a ministry within the Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores (Spain’s Foreign Office), is promoting Spain’s membership of the Union. España Global says that we recall today that Spain is one of the most Europhile member states, with some 84% of Spanish people seeing themselves as EU citizens, and viewing the EU itself favourably because it provides free movement, monetary union, cultural diversity, democracy, and a greater voice in the world than Spain would have on its own. Only in Luxembourg, Ireland and Portugal do the public hold the EU in greater esteem.

The Spanish also firmly support greater EU integration, especially in terms of migration, defence, business, and foreign policy, with polls regularly showing over 75% support for greater EU-level decision making in these areas compared with a 59% EU average. España Global says that today we celebrate Día de Europa with Spain, as one of the most pro-EU member states and which trusts the EU the most to face the challenges of the future. Here in the Canaries, regional President Ángel Torres said that the islands are a very individual part of the EU since we are an ultraperipheral region.  Torres encouraged everyone to reply to any challenges by reaffirming our – and the EU’s – values and principles, mutually supportive, egalitarian, with shared horizons.