Spain joins global expressions of sympathy at death of Prince Philip

Photo: Chris Young.

As messages of sympathy poured in from around the world yesterday following the announcement of the death of Prince Philip, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain have sent their commiserations to the Queen in a familiarly and sympathetically warm manner, calling the Duke “Uncle Philip” because the Spanish King’s own mother is Greek and shared forebears with the Duke of Edinburgh. Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez, for his part said “On behalf of the Government of Spain, I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the entire British royal family on the passing of Prince Philip of Edinburgh. Our thoughts are with the people of the United Kingdom.”

There are some wonderful stories about Prince Philip out there, and I imagine that he and the Queen, and their children, had a lifetime of laughter together, there’s no end of photos of them all laughing together. Above is one of my favourites, I’m afraid I don’t know whose it is to attribute it, but it’s brilliant (edit: now cleared up HERE). Some have to look twice at that “guard” … one can only imagine what he muttered under his breath to make her crease up like that. Their humour and laughter clearly lasted their whole lives together, and I can imagine the Queen’s “deep sorrow” is profound indeed after so long together. And as it happens, thanks to covid perhaps more than anything, he will now have the type of funeral that it seems he really would have wanted, rather than the more public one that might have been required under other circumstances despite his wishes.

On my twitter post there are several likes but only two negative comments: most appreciate that the man was a legend born into a life he had no hand in choosing personally, a life that was phenomenally interesting and long, and that he died with his life partner by his side and leaving children to remember him through the tears with smiles and affection. Could anyone ask for a better epitaph? Deep sympathy for Her Majesty the Queen, and RIP The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.