Spain kicks off World Cup bid as Cabezona the turtle takes up where Paul the octopus left off


Last time it was Paul the octopus who unerringly predicted Spain’s road to World Cup glory, and this time, it’s Cabezona the turtle. The above video shows Cabezona picking Brazil to beat Croatia in tonight’s opening game! Here, Spanish media and public alike are realistic about Spain’s chances of retaining the cup while playing in the hothouse (literally) of Brazil, and stressing that the chances of any European team winning are very low indeed.

They say, none the less, that all the pressure is off because last time round they lost their first game, so this time they’re going to try just to enjoy the experience. Hopefully this will mean some wonderful football to see for those of us who enjoy watching when it’s played well and beautifully, but who aren’t season-in and season-out fans of the game. I remember many years ago in Thatcher’s Britain, Norman Tebbit said that you could tell integrated immigrants by the team they wanted to win – in England, it should be England, he said! Here in Spain, I’m pleased to find that I’m thinking “VAMOS ESPAÑA”!

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