Spain now fourth in the world for life expectancy and expected to be world leader in twenty years

Photo: Turismo Tenerife.

It’s a good place to live, Spain, even if it’s not “perfect” … and live is the operational word because life expectancy in Spain is now 83 years, behind only San Marino, Japan and Switzerland. Moreover, in another twenty or so years Spain is expected to have the longest life expectancy in the world!

The range of reasons why Spaniards have such a good life include their healthy unprocessed diet – the archetypal Mediterranean diet, their siesta break in the hottest hours of the day, their attitude to moderate exercise – focused primarily in older generations at least on the evening “paseo” (stroll), wide social interaction in genuine communities, and generational tolerance, where thanks to extended families in no small part, people of all ages get together, and get along together.

As the author of THIS piece says: “Wine in the morning. Coffee in the afternoon. A stroll by the beach in the evening. Time with family. Time with friends.” And this is despite smoking and drinking!! What’s not to love?!

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  1. I’m doing something right! Including the smoking and drinking. To be serious we very, very rarely eat processed food here. For a start the local fruit, vegetables cheese, eggs and meat are so good there is little temptation to buy ready meals. The supermarkets have a much lower proportion of processed food than U.K. supermarkets carry and they don’t promote it the way people like M&S, Tesco and the others do with their meal deals. There is also true seasonality which has disappeared in the U.K. And because we don’t need so many calories to keep warm we eat less and don’t gain weight as long as we do some moderate excercise.

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