Motorway speed limit to return to 120 kmh from next Friday, 1 July

Update 24 June 4pm: The speed limit is to return to 120 km/h from 1 July. The announcement was made by Vice President and ministro del Interior (shortly to become leader of the PSOE), Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba. Sr Rubalcaba said that the temporary measure had saved 450 million Euros, and that it was no longer necessary as the price of crude oil had now dropped from its March price of 115 dollars per barrel of Brent to 106 dollars.  PV

Update 24 June: Madrid will decide this afternoon whether the reduced speed limit will be kept, or whether it will be returned to the original 120km/h.  PV

Update 6 March: The new speed limit comes into force from midnight tonight and will remain in place for four months. There will be fines of €100 for driving between 111 and 140 km/hm and of €300 for driving between 141 and 160 km/h, with the the loss of 2 points if over 151 km/h.PV

Original post 25 February: The Spanish Government has decided to impose a temporary reduced speed limit on Spain’s motorways. The reduction is to 110 kmh and comes into effect on 7th March. The measure is an effort to save fuel costs in view of the crisis in Libya and its effects on oil prices. The new speed limit will be in place until further notice. PV

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