Facua issues 15 denuncias in Canaries for violations of new smoking ban

prohibido fumar

Update 14 January: Facua-Consumidores en Acción has issued 15 denuncias in the Canaries based on complaints from the public this Friday for violations of the new law prohibiting smoking in enclosed public spaces.

The association says that this is the first block of denuncias, which includes a further 223 in Aragón (27), Castilla-León (26), Cataluña (107), Galicia (32), and País Vasco (31), and which brings to 614 the total the organization has made to date from complaints made to its facua.org/leydeltabaco website in the first 48 hours of its campaign. Facua

Update 5 January: The Canarian Public Health Department has confirmed that the question they are most asked is where, precisely, one can smoke outside. The answer is that the law

permite fumar en un espacio al aire libre en el ámbito de la hostelería cuando el establecimiento está rodeado de un máximo de dos paredes o muros.

permits smoking outside a bar when the area is enclosed by a maximum of two walls.

The department also confirmed that 125 Public Health inspectors will be checking the law is complied with, and that an inspection campaign will start around 18 January.


Update 4 January: The first fines in the Canaries under the new smoking ban will be imposed in Fuerteventura. The culprit was bar Las Vegas in Puerto del Rosario. Despite owner Ángela Aracena telling customers of the new rules and the possible sanctions if they continued to light up inside, she couldn’t stop them, and the police have acted after seeing a client smoking in the doorway. One fine is to be imposed on the bar owner, and one on the customer who was smoking. The fine on the owner could be anywhere between €600 and €100,000 euros, and €30 for the customer, unless s/he re-offends, in which subseequent cases it could be between €600 and €100,000 as well. PV

Update 1 January: Today is the last day smokers will be able to light up in enclosed public spaces. The new law becomes effective tomorrow, and it will also ban smoking in open areas outside schools and hospitals, as far as I’m aware. The legislation makes Spain one of the most anti-smoking countries in Europe. It now remains to see how it is policed, especially in the Canaries, where the previous legislation partially banning smoking has been widely flouted. PV

Update 22 June 2010: Congress has now started the process to ban smoking in all enclosed public spaces, despite criticisms from various groups including the PP (conservatives), and the proposed law will now pass to debate to forumlate the new legislation.

The Minister of Health and Social Policy, Trinidad Jiménez, has again proposed January 2011 as the date when the measures will come into force, and remove the right to smoke in any bars, leisure establishments, hotels, and the like.

The draft legislation contains some exemptions, including some hotel rooms, smoking clubs, and establishments where people are confined, such as prisons and psychiatric hospitals, all of which will have authorized smoking spaces.  C24H

Original post 15 December 2009: The Department of Health, Sanidad, will ban all smoking in closed public spaces in Spain in 2010. The health minister, Trinidad Jiménez, said that there was a wide consensus for the move. The ban will involve any and all public spaces that are enclosed, and as such will include restaurants and bars which have opted to remain smoking establishments under current legislation. Smoking will still be allowed in any public spaces that are not enclosed, including terraces.  El Dia


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