Spain’s Covid vaccination plan unveiled

Updated 24 November: As promised, Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez has presented the Government’s vaccination plan this week. He said that Spain was perfectly ready to begin administering the vaccines as soon as they’re available. The public can be absolutely certain, the PM said, that all doses used are secure. Releasing the video below, the Government says that the main objective, naturally, of the campaign is to reduce morbidity and mortality caused by the virus by providing progressively availabile vaccines and protecting the most vulnerable groups with the order of priority established by the national health system’s Inter-territorial Council based on ethical considerations and risk criteria.

The overall strategy will be coordinated by this Inter-territorial Council, which comprises the national and regional Governments. Sanidad (Spain) will acquire the required number of doses for Spain within the framework of the European strategy whereby several advance purchase agreements for vaccines have already been reached, new ones still being negotiated. The vaccines will be administered free of charge through the national health system.

The vaccine used will have the same safety levels as any of the commonly used vaccines. Efficacy levels will meet the standards required for authorized use, with guaranteed optimal storage, distribution and administration of the vaccines ensuring their quality throughout the process. The overall plan will also ensure coordination between national and regional Governments for vaccination centres taking into account the experience of Primary Care in the different systems in place in the devolved health powers throughout the autonomous communities, as well as providing tools for monitoring and evaluating the coverage, safety and effectiveness of the vaccination programme.

In this respect, work is already underway on a single registry that will collect vaccination data from across the country, interoperable with others implemented in the pandemic. A communication strategy will be implemented to help ensure that access to vaccination is effective, equitable and developed with full respect for transparency, the overall object being to generate a high level of confidence that will translate into improved coverage. 

Original post 20 November: Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez has said today that Spain will be the first EU country, together with Germany, in having a Vaccination Plan against covid19. Sánchez said that he’ll be presenting the plan to Cabinet next week, with the idea that a significant sector of the population will be vaccinated in the first half of 2021. No doubt after that meeting we’ll have some meat to put on the bare bones of the announcement, which is all we have right now.

I’ll keep this post for updates on the vaccine(s) available in Spain for residents, and any related issues.


  1. It can’t be anything else BUT a plan until the vaccine actually become available?

  2. This article appears merely to be discussing the scientific projects underway in Spain itself – there are research teams all over the world seeking to develop vaccines. The fact that some trials will begin later than elsewhere will be irrelevant to the availability of an effective vaccine in Spain as the Spanish government, like others, will have placed orders across the range of vaccines in development. I am sure Spain will also be part of the EU purchasing block. Accordingly Spain I am sure will not be left behind in terms of vaccinating its population – it just may not be a vaccine which has been developed in Spain.

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