Spain’s general election campaign starts today

After a complete failure to form a Government after the last general election, Spain has been under “acting government” for the past few months with a new election called for 26 June. And since the day before elections is a “day of reflection” in which no campaigning is allowed, thus leaving the 24th as the last day of campaigning, and since by law the campaigns cannot last more than a fortnight … it all starts today.

Two weeks from now we have to hope that Spain will be able to elect a Government of some sort. The problem has been that they are not used to consensual or coalition government … but they might have to get used to it. The latest serious analysis is that Podemos could come second to the PP (“conservatives”), who are campaigning on the ticket of “you won’t like us, but that’s no reason to vote against us because the others are awful. Apparently the PSOE (socialists) are not expected to be better than third placed: they’ve not been the same since Zapatero, similar to Labour in the UK after Tony Blair, I suppose.

The point of all this is that you can expect a fortnight of being bombarded from every conceivable angle, in the press, on television, on social media, even in the streets with placards and posters everywhere. It’s election season again.

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