Spanish driving licences can be renewed without going to Trafico from tomorrow

From tomorrow, it will be possible to renew a Spanish driving licence without going to Trafico, since the tax can be paid at the same centre where drivers take their medical. With this modification, drivers can get a provisional licence upon payment of the tax after completing the medical, eye, and hand-eye co-ordination tests, providing they haven’t lost all their points through motoring infractions. The provisional document will allow motorists to drive for 90 days, within which period they should receive their renewed licence by post.

The medical centres themselves will process the applications telematically, and submit the results of the medical just taken in the same process. They should not therefore have to make an additional charge for the renewal procedure. The new regime will simplify things for medical centres and drivers alike, as well as Trafico itself, and is expected to make a national saving of up to 10 million Euros for drivers, as well as reduce queues in Trafico.

Under the law as it stands, British drivers who have driven in Spain for more than 6 six months must either exchange their UK licences for Spanish ones, or get their British licences inscribed. Although the law appears not to be much enforced in the Canaries, it remains the legal requirement. This new measure for easy renewal of Spanish licences is one further argument for making the change, and it is worth emphasising both that Tenerife residents giving a UK address to the DVLA are committing an offence in the strictest sense, and that a Spanish licence allows motorists to drive anywhere in Europe, including the UK. The reason UK drivers are singled out under the law requiring them to exchange or inscribe their licences is the lack of a medical as part of the licensing procedure in the UK. LO


  1. I am over seventy and need to renew my Spanish Driving licence periodically. The Spreafico surgery used to do this with ease, but alas, have since closed. Is there another english speaking centre that fills this void. Many thanks!

  2. Author

    Hi Tom, there’s a list of centres HERE. It’s showing two in Los Cristianos, but Spreafico is one of them. The other is near the port: if you telephone them on 922 252 818 they’ll be able to confirm if anyone there speaks English, and give you directions on how to get to them.

  3. Many thanks Janet. Another on the list in Los Cristianos is in the Valdes Centre situated on the first floor above the Social Security Office. On telephoning them on 922 751 674 they confirmed that they have an english speaking staff member Andrea. They carry out the medical, co-ordination test and issue a temporary driving permit.
    The new driving licence is issued by post to your registered address. Their opening hours are 9 – 2pm and 4 – 7.30pm. No appointment is necessary and their fee is 45 Euros plus 22 Euros trafico, making a total charge of 67 Euros.

  4. Janet, we would like to change our UK driving licences for Spanish ones but have no idea how to go about it. Any help will be very much appreciated. Do the comments to Tom Singleton still apply? Thank you.

  5. Author

    I don’t have further updates on medical centres that are currently open. If you don’t feel confident undertaking this yourself, then it’s worth engaging someone to help you. The most up-to-date information I have is HERE.

  6. Hi Janet, have you any idea what I need to do having lost my current European (Spanish) driving licence (issued here). Do I need to make a denuncia or can I simply apply at the reconocimiento medico de permisos de conducir?

    Thanks very much for any help. I cant find much about licence loss on the DGT website.

    Kind regards,

  7. Author

    Sorry, Karen, I don’t know for sure but I think it needs to be reported to Tráfico as part of the replacement process.

  8. Do these centres deal with the initial issue of a Spanish licence or do they just renew existing Spanish licences

  9. Author

    I’m going to assume you mean the initial issue when one wants to exchange a UK licence. If so, the answer is yes. You take your old licence plus documentation and ID to the centre, do the medical, and they will coordinate the paperwork whether you are exchanging your UK licence for Spanish, or just updating an existing Spanish one. (For the initial issue of a Spanish licence after a test, that is a different procedure involving official driving schools).

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