Spanish healthcare about to cost more

As part of the austerity drive, Madrid has announced changes to the Spanish healthcare system to be approved on Friday in Parliament. The proposals will see residents paying more for medicines, and what they pay will be earnings related.

Currently, the employed pay 40% of the cost, and the retired pay nothing. Now, pensioners will pay 10% up to a monthly maximum of €10-20, while the employed will have their contribution increased from 40% to 50% or even 60%, the upper limit which will apply to those with an annual income of more than €100,000.

This will almost certainly means changes in the tarjeta sanitaria, which will presumably need to have a built-in microchip containing information about income from the tax office. Various exemptions are envisaged for the unemployed and those suffering from some chronic illnesses. More details when the measures are approved on Friday.

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