Spanish Highway Code

There are always heated discussions, arguments and debates about Spanish traffic law, and driving skills, and whether they have the first idea of what Tenerife’s roads are like or whether anyone who wrote the law ever tried to get around Los Cristianos roundabout … but there is a Spanish “Highway Code”. I’ve added the link to the links page, but it can be downloaded HERE as a pdf file or in an e-pub version, or bought in a paper version from the same government link.


  1. Hi Janet,
    Would there exist a booklet in English for taking the theory aspect of the Spanish driving test. Luke

    1. Author

      I’m sorry but I don’t know, Luke, but my understanding is that one has to take tests through a registered driving instructor and they would be the ones to know, or to hvae them if they exist.

  2. Author

    Only last night I was reading another law which said that x was prohibited apart from those elements that were allowed. But if there was a list of those elements that were allowed, I couldn’t find it! As you say, longwinded and almost impossible to understand!!

  3. Hello Janet. Thank you so much for supplying a link to the Spanish Highway code. I couldn´t believe how big a file it is. 941 pages!
    I reckon I’ve been doing alright without it. Just like most paperwork over here longwinded and almost impossible to understand. Not surprised the police don´t know what the law is at times!!!

  4. That’s probably why nobody takes any notice of it. The Los Cristianos roundabout is something to behold!

  5. Thanks as usual, Janet…..but at 963 pages in the PDF document it may be a little weighty to wade through – especially as my Spanish is weak….mea culpa……(my Latin and French are both better than my Spanish!)

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