Spanish mountain motor racing championship kicks off with XIII Subida Arona-La Escalona

Today, tomorrow and Sunday, the Spanish mountain motor racing championship kicks off here in Tenerife. The first race of the championship is the XIII Subida Arona-La Escalona, a 4,4 km stretch of the TF-51 La Camella-Vilaflor road, with the starting line at ‘Tubería de Agua’. The road will be closed to public traffic while  around 50 teams take part. Canarian motoring associations say that teams from the mainland include Michael Roy in a Ginetta G50 GT4, Jonathan Álvarez in a BRC, Juan Buenaventura in a Norma M20F, and Juan Trino Galera with a Seat S600. Many locals are taking part as well, including the current Canarian champion, Enrique Cruz, in a Porsche 911 GT3 DISA Copi Sport. Racing starts around 3pm this afternoon – the full timetable is HERE.


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