Spanish PM says second wave is crossing Europe but that Spain is better prepared than first time round

Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez said this evening that we are witnessing a second wave of the covid19 pandemic through the whole of Europe. Sánchez said that he wanted to reassure the public that we are much better prepared today than we were the first time round, and that the cooperation between the central Government and the Governments of the Spanish regions was absolute. The PM said that he wanted to send a message of confidence that all the authorities were doing a good job and were following a clear plan. He stressed that, for their part, the public must also continue exercising responsible behaviour.

One area in Spain that is causing particular concern at present is the Autonomous Community of Madrid, and Sánchez said that the Government will be working with the regional authorities from this Monday to support and collaborate with its efforts, and putting all the resources of the State at its disposal to try to flatten the curve. More widely, the PM confirmed that in such an unprecendented situation it was essential to reach historic agreements for the national budget. The public requires us now to be united, he said, and party politics have to be put aside for the sake of the country. 

Serious words from Sánchez tonight. I update the daily numbers of the outbreak HERE, and this post HERE lists the measures in place with updates as necessary as regulations change.

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