Spanish police advice on internet bullying

Inevitably since we are non-Canarians interested in the Canaries, and by definition given that those who are reading this are using the internet to gain access to information about the Canaries, the internet can be a godsend to anyone who is distant from the subject in which they are interested. It does not come without its problems, however, and so it is reassuring to know that the Police arrested 750 people in 2012 for slander, threats and crimes against privacy on the internet, three times the number arrested in 2011. The figures have been released by the Technological Investigation Brigade (BIT).

The increase in arrests is said to be due in no small part to the increased use of smartphones and of messaging applications and social networking. Police have issued a reminder that violations of privacy, defamation of character, and threats, as well as other various forms of cyber bullying or harrassment  are frequent and, above all, are crimes. They insist that anyone who is a victim of such behaviour should report it to their local National Police or Court with as much supporting evidence as possible, while blocking or at least ignoring internet bullies.

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