Spanish public calls for Ryanair boycott after police remove woman for excess baggage


The Spanish press and social network sites are ablaze after an incident in Valencia when Ryanair called the Guardia Civil to remove a woman from a flight because she had a parchment scroll and a book that didn’t fit into her hand luggage. The news reports say her credit card didn’t work to pay the excess baggage fee required by the airline, but that begs the question of how she was allowed on the plane in the first place. Passengers who witnessed the heavy handed reaction by the airline made their feelings very clear on the plane itself, and subsequent views on social network sites make it clear that the public holds Ryanair to blame, not the Guardia Civil. The video has gone viral, and the Spanish public, en masse, is calling for passengers to boycott Ryanair.


  1. What a load of crap !!!! The Spanish government are always having a go at Ryanair. But what would they do if Michael o Leary decides he’s has enough and pull out. Ryanair have a very clear policy on their flights like all other airlines they have rules. If you abide by the rules everything is fine. I’m sorry if what I am about to say offends anyone but every time I am on a Ryanair flight it’s always the Spanish who kick off about there luggage allowance and can get very aggressive if they do not get there own way. All I can say is there is three sides to this story the passenger, Ryanair and then the truth.

  2. I agree with your comments Sandra to a point, Ryanair do have rules just like other airlines that have to be adhered to, but im sorry in this case it is not a load of crap and Ryanair are to blame completely….

    The woman had already boarded the aircraft and taken her seat!! I woukd agree with you if she had been stopped before getting onto the plane but she was allowed on and was in her seat and look at what they are kicking her off for a silly little bag , and getting the police involved as well. This can only be costing more money than if they let her fly.

    I know airlines have rules but they had let her board how dare they come on and kick her off again. Sorry but that is wrong.

  3. Very true Sandra, Im Irish living in Spain, i use Ryanair all the time and if you follow the rules you get a cheap flight to where ever ur going, If you dont like ryanair dont fly ryanair

  4. I was charged excess baggage once by Ryanair, which i hasten to add was my fault!!! I didn·t do it again. If you abide by the guidelines, you shouldn·t have a problem. It·s the same rules for everyone….clearly laid down. Live with it, or use another airline.

  5. That is 100% correct and I agree if you stick to and follow the rules you wont have a problem and also if you don’t like Ryanair then don’t fly with them.

    I think the issue here is different though the woman in question was not stopped before she got on the plane but was allowed to board and then was kicked off again. This is wrong this should have all been dealt with in the airport. It is crazy involving the police. I am a huge fan of Ryanair and think what they have done to lower air travel is amazing, but in this instance they handled the situation badly, but hey we all make mistakes…:)

  6. Author

    I think it’s the calling the police that has outraged people, really. Yes, agreed, everyone knows the conditions, and this woman was prepared to pay the excess baggage cost on the plane, but her card didn’t work.

    What has maddened people is that at that point other passengers offered to put her book and scroll in their own hand baggage … but the air crew refused to allow this, and called the Guardia Civil to remove the woman. This was clearly, therefore, a case of wanting their 40 Euros or the woman’s removal.

    The overreaction isn’t in the application of the rules, but the refusal to allow an alternative that would not get them their 40 Euros.

  7. I think Ryanair are rip-off merchants. My friends’ partner flew back to UK on Wednesday from Tenerife, for a funeral. He had 15kg allowance, booked hold luggage, did everything correctly. He got to the airport, his suitcase was weighed (12kg), but Ryanair slapped a 50e fine on him for a HOLD SUITCASE being 2cm too big!!!!!! That is disgusting. Shame on Ryanair.

  8. We have to fly Ryanair to Tenerife from Italy as it is the only carrier. We have Ryanair sized cases, 20 cm deep, which is the maximum depth for luggage allowed on board. Several times we have had our luggage weighed and measured, but we have always been under the 10kg allowance. However, we have noticed several passengers (notably young good looking guys) who have got on the planes with big rucksacks.
    Last month we flew to Tenerife Sur from Basle with Easyjet. Here there is no weight restriction for on-flight luggage and the depth of the cases can be up to 26 cm. We noticed more leg room on the Easyjet flight as well.
    If we had to choose, we would prefer to fly with Easyjet now.

  9. Ive flown 15 times with Ryanair, i stick by their rules, i weigh my case in advance before leaving the house, I have a rucksack or large bag for onboard that is never over my 10 kilos, I stick by their rules,,and Never have a problem. It does seem a bit excessive for her plastic bag,,but if it doesnt fit in your luggage,,then you dont take it on board !

  10. We could do with an administrator from Ryanair on our complex. Those not paying the community fee would be taken off by the Guardia Civil!

  11. When it got to 1:10, I would have CS gassed her, you do as you’re told or get off. If you don’t like Ryanair’s rules, don’t fly with them!

  12. We were recently on a ryanair flight: at the boarding gate two young girls were in front of us at the boarding gate meanwhile two young (male) ryanair staff were checking everyone’s luggage size as usual ……they let the two young girls board carrying hand luggage, big handbags and duty free bags!

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