Spectacular skies with clouds like a flying saucer invasion await us this weekend!

Graphic: Aemet.

Aemet is forecasting a somewhat wet and windy spell before normality resumes at some point next week. Apparently the Azores depression to the north west is meeting Tropical Storm Paulette forming to the south, and the meeting point is directly over the Canaries. In fact the meeting point is directly over Tenerife! This should lower temperatures and increase winds, indeed winds could become very strong the higher up ones goes, with gusts widely and easily exceeding 100km/h. The system might also give rise to some rain overnight tonight, especially at altitude … could we see the first snows of “winter” tomorrow morning?

One thing to look out for, though, is lenticular clouds. Meteorologists working with the Astrophysics Institute in Izaña say that the conditions are such, and so unusual in their specific location, that our skies will be spectacular, and these lens-like clouds could make it look like a flying saucer invasion! Maybe it will be … these days, little would surprise me! Stay safe, warm and dry everyone! 

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  1. “…. indeed winds could become very strong the higher up ones goes, ….”. Wow! I bet the ISS guys are worrying a bit! 😂
    Seriously though, a spot of rain wouldn’t come amiss. Horizontal rain though? Maybe not so much.

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