Speed control campaign in San Miguel de Abona

San Miguel de Abona is beginning a speed control campaign throughout the municipality. The campaign will include mobile radar checks, and is in response to the many complaints the Ayuntamiento says it receives from locals about speeding vehicles and reckless driving, especially in built-up areas. The announcement comes, of course, days after someone was knocked down and killed in the Las Chafiras area, and the Ayuntamiento said that such campaigns have previously contributed to a marked reduction in accidents. The campaign will be run through the council’s Security and Policia Local department, and counts on support from the DGT.


  1. Let’s hope they catch loads of inconsiderate drivers including the Taxi and bus driver that go around the Golf at over 70km an hour! In a 40 zone.

  2. Have to agree with Monica the roundabout can be a nightmare nobody seems to know how to use them here, the council workers were putting new speed limits on the road in front of the park yesterday we have a new 40 klm speed limit now so be careful.

    1. Author

      There have been one or two quite serious accidents on the Chafiras-San Miguel main road, and on the GdS-Los Abrigos road. I imagine these are very much in focus during this campaign.

  3. We have our apartment near the San Miguel Road. Only the odd, noisy motorbike and occasional car with booming music are seen to be speeding. Everyone slows at the Chafiras roundabouts because no-one signals….you don’t know what drivers are doing until the last moment. A clamp-down to make drivers signal would be far more useful and productive. Local police are forever checking licences, ITV and drink-driving in the area. Traffic jams galore three times a day. Speeding is not a major problem there. So the fines are…….???

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