Spring has sprung!

Today, at around 9.30am I believe, was the start of spring, certainly today is the vernal equinox … and vernal is the word! Everywhere is green and sprouting, spring is most definitely an accurate word! Here are a few pictures from the garden this morning … as you’ll see, the almond blossom has now turned into actual almonds, the spring cactus has sprung into life, the apricot tree is now in full leaf and its blossom is already tiny apricots (let’s see how long they survive before being nobbled by the canaries or blackbirds!). The orange bush is lagging behind, only now coming into blossom but the scent is like a perfumería, and even the bay tree isn’t being left out, but putting out new growth that is as green as any vernal equinox could wish! Hope you ike the pics.