Second licence in El Mojón development granted to Spring Hoteles for the group’s fourth hotel in Arona

Photo: Ashotel.

Updated 14 August: Spring Hoteles was the first to move into the area, but it’s the second to get a licence. As I reported HERE last month, the first building licence for the El Mojón area of Los Cristianos was granted to the Marylanza Group for a five star hotel – Tenerife Blue Village – and now the Spring Hoteles application itself has been approved and the licence awarded for the hotel which will be on the largest plot in the development opposite the Apolo Centre.

Making the announcement, Arona Ayuntamiento said that the hotel group’s €85m project now has all the required favorable technical and legal reports, and would bring Arona further opportunities to upgrade its tourism offer, joining the trend of neighbouring municipalities towards first-class accommodation and facilities, while achieving important private investments and generating much-needed employment.

Original post 9 January: Spring Hoteles has acquired the largest plot in the El Mojón development area between current Los Cristianos and the TF1 for its new 525 room hotel. The plot is some 62,000 square metres, and construction is expected to cost the group around €85m. Ashotel says that the group expects to obtain the building licence during this year.

Spring Hoteles General Director Miguel Villarroya said that the new hotel would maintain the high standards of the group’s properties, adding that “starting a new hotel from scratch offered a unique opportunity to use architecture as a distinguishing value of a touristic product. It will be a very new concept”, he added, “focused on the demands of the clients of the future where technology will play a key role in enhancing visitor experience”.

The group is also investing around €30m for integral refurbishment of its other three hotels in Arona, the Arona Gran in Los Cristianos and the Bitácora and Vulcano in Playa de las Américas.


  1. What is being developed on the land over the road from the New hotel at the side of the Apollo centre please and are the dates for it opening out yet

    1. Author

      Have a look a few comments above where Stewart has posted a link to the Government’s plans for the plots in the area.

  2. Probably going to be all inclusive.

    Not really an asset to the local area.. Although I suspect part of Tenerife’s drive to push the island upmarket

    1. Author

      I don’t see why, really, because the other Spring Hotels aren’t all-inclusive.

  3. On the photo it clearly marks the site for spring hotels. Which is the designated site for the other hotel please.

  4. Author

    If you look at the first line of the post you will see a link to the information you’re asking for. Click on the “HERE” in the sentence “As I reported HERE last month, the first building licence for the El Mojón area of Los Cristianos was granted to … “

  5. If thats the second licence, who’s got the first licence and where ?

  6. Neither of these developments is going to make a positive difference to the traffic jams in that area. The Ayto need to improve access to and from the TF1.

    1. Author

      That wouldn’t necessarily be in the council’s power, Stewart, certainly it wouldn’t be entirely in its power. Ayuntamientos are responsible for internal municipal roads but the Cabildo has jurisdiction for main trunk roads (and the Government for major transport infrastructure like motorways). It depends where the boundary is for “Los Cristianos” as far as the council’s and Cabildo’s roads departments are concerned. I agree in principle, though, that traffic will increase and the town can’t take the increase without some amendments.

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