Stag weekend Briton on life support machine in Tenerife hospital after fall

From a report in the BBC, rather than the local press, it seems that a Widnes, Cheshire, man is in intensive care in Tenerife after falling while on his stag weekend and suffering head injuries. The man has been named as 28-year-old Mark Shephard, who was in Tenerife with his friends. He is now on a life-support machine in hospital here, and doctors say it could be months before he makes a recovery.

Friends of his family are trying to raise funds so that his parents can stay with him while he remains in hospital: Gill Baterton said “his family obviously want to stay with him but are suffering serious financial problems in trying to do this. As friends we are trying to alleviate some of their problems by trying to raise funds to help them at this very difficult time and enable them to concentrate on their son.” BBC

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