Decision awaited on Starco centre

Update 27 June: Owners and users of the Starco centre will be on tenterhooks today ahead of the anticipated decision by Arona’s Urbanism councillor, Carmelo García Martín, on whether the centre can reopen. The likeliest scenario, as indicated yesterday, is that it will be formally reopened with defined limitations on capacity and usage while works are carried out to the supporting columns in the lower levels.

Update 26 June: Arona’s concejal de Urbanismo, Carmelo García Martín,  has said that the council is staggered at the way in which Starco centre owners have hindered access for independent technicians to compile a report. Three times they had visited the centre, said Sr García, and have been stopped from doing their work, and so have set up precautionary measures which include limiting the capacity of locales and the provision of services for individual businesses. The councillor said that the centre’s owners have behaved irrationally, and made the technicians feel threatened, coerced and  pressured to declare the centre safe.

Original post 21 June: The Starco centre in Playa de las Américas, a famous focus of nightlife in Tenerife for over 30 years, has been evacuated and closed by Arona Policía Local after an architect’s report, commissioned by Kadim Nasser, the main owner of locales in the centre, showed that the lower level structural columns were rusting through and in danger of collapse. The report was immediately handed to Arona Ayuntamiento, with the result some of the 25 or so businesses, mainly bars and discos, in the centre were closed on Thursday night, with the remainder being shut yesterday and the centre being cordoned off. The Ayuntamiento has now requested a complete structural inspection of the basement amid suspicions that the deterioriation in structural columns is even worse there.


  1. Maybe this will give the police and council a wake up call and instead of needlessly shutting bars for music ect check buildings are structured properly and are safe. Would like to wish all those caught up in this tragedy a speedy recovery

  2. Remember a few years ago the owner did the same and had starco closed chared all the bar owners rent even though they were closed!Is he trying it on again???

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