Starry starry night

“Starry starry night” is Peter Louer’s name for this stunning image which I simply had to share! He takes some marvellous photos of the night skies and, as we’ve seen before, of Teide too! This one was taken last night, again from upper Icod … and in line with the song he’s used as its title, hasn’t he quite literally painted his palette blue and grey?! I hope you love this as much as I do!


  1. Great Pic Janet; well done Peter.
    Make a lovely Xmas card!
    Dennis G

  2. I’m hopeless with recognition of stars and constellations. But, I seem to recognise the line of 4 stars left of and above Teide top…2 outer stars and 2 close together between. Anyone any ideas please, Perseus perhaps?
    Dennis G

  3. Author

    I think Perseus lies in the Milky Way, but there is no sign of that in the photo. It looks to me as if the photo is taken looking South East towards Teide with a good telephoto lens. The patch of sky may thus be much smaller than most of the well-known constellations, and apart from the three bright stars we see all the dimmer stars which don’t appear in the pattern making up any constellation shapes. (I do wonder how many magic mushrooms one has to eat in order to be able to recognise these figures, other than cygnus and scorpio I fail to see any meaningful shapes at all.) Anyway, my guess is that we are looking at an unidentifiable piece of one constellation of which the three bright stars form a part, but I’m ready to stand corrected.

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