Stil group still won’t confirm nature of problem which closed Los Gigantes hotel with reopening scheduled for Friday

The Stil group has said that their Los Gigantes hotel will reopen this Friday. There has been increasing frustration and concern about both the nature of the works and the lack of information given to guests after the hotel appeared to close suddenly without notice, with some guests’ bookings cancelled entirely, and others transferred to different areas which they did not choose, and might not have chosen given the chance.

On request to the hotel for specific fundamental information such as the nature of the works, an explanation for the sudden closure, reasons for the delayed reopening, and confirmation that the hotel was structurally safe, In Tenerife got a formulaic response which provided absolutely no information and showed, moreover, that the information requested had not even been acknowledged, let alone answered.

Given the collapse of an apartment block in Los Cristianos, and the floor of a San Eugenio nightclub giving way, all within the last couple of years or so, people have understandably been sceptical about the claim that the sudden closure was merely for kitchen renovations, and sought reassurance about the structural integrity of the hotel. Many have said on social media that they will not stay in the hotel again until they know for certain that it is safe. It is debatable whether or not they will be reassured by the hotel’s response that “The decision to carry out the work was taken between the hotel and TUI, since it was indispensable to offer our usual high standard service”.

Los Gigantes and Santiago del Teide, as well as Tenerife’s tourists, deserve better than this from its hotels, the Stil group, and from TUI.

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