Stunning video of complete approach and landing at TFS

I know when we used to visit here, many years ago now, I used to love any film I could find about flying into Tenerife South, so I hope people like this video from Martin Lawson of a complete approach from north of Tenerife, down the whole west coast, and around to landing at TFS Reina Sofia. I think the video is absolutely stunning!


  1. Stunning video of complete approach to TFS airport Janet, truly wonderful – I have never seen anything like this before and the photographer deserves every credit for it.

  2. I have flown with Ryanair for many years and never experienced the so called “bounce/thud” on landing. The comment I always use is ” that was a good flight”….and have no complaints the smooth landing is the norm.

  3. Simply the nicest sight to behold when returning home from the UK. Thanks for sharing Janet, I could watch that over and over again.

  4. Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Great video as you say and of course, as you can hear, another early arrival of this Ryanair flight.

    Oddly enough not the usual Ryanair ‘bounce/thud’ on landing.

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