“Sufficient resources” for non-workers and non-pensioners seeking Certificados de Registro

Update 10 January: Sorry for any alarm caused but it was as well to try to get feedback given the awful prospect of huge deposits required for residents to get their Certificados de Registro. I can now, though, confirm that the confirmed figure is, in fact, €5,200. This was required to be proven by means of a statement from a Spanish bank in credit by such a sum per person at the time of application.

Original post 8 January:  As I posted HERE early last year, new rules from 25 March 2012 require EU nationals who wish to remain in Spain for more than 3 months to comply with certain conditions before a Certificado de Registro will be issued. There is no problem, effectively, for those who are employed or self-employed, nor for those who are pensioners, because they can prove they will have sufficient resources to avoid being a drain on Spain, in terms either of unemployment benefit or using the health system, but there was uncertainty about those who fell into neither category.

As I said at the time, anyone not working would have to have private health cover, and show sufficient resources, but there was no clarity as to what sufficient resources actually meant. No fixed amount was given, but the authorities said they would take the personal situations of EU member state nationals into account on an individual basis. I have heard today, however, from a reliable source, of two EU nationals who independently assert that they have been required to deposit €50,200 per person as financial guarantee in order to be considered as having sufficient resources.

I have no further details as to how or where this security is supposed to be lodged, and I stress that this is second-hand hearsay, albeit from a source I respect. I decided to post about it because firstly I hope that anyone who has a recent experience in this category of applicant for a Registro will provide some information either to corroborate or contradict the reports, and secondly to flag the possibility that, if true, this is the sort of sum that might be required in order to acquire a Registro for those thinking of moving over. Needless to say, I’ll update as soon as I have anything further to say. Hopefully it will be incorrect. It’s fearsome if true.


  1. We are OK as we are pensioners registered and paying tax here already. However, we know literally dozens of UK nationals who either live here permanently or for at least 5-6 months over winter but do not even have certificado de registro but just NIE numbers which they needed to buy property and/or a vehicle. Are they living here illegally and if so what is the likely hood f any sanctions against them? One of my neighbours who fall into this category have asked me to ask the question.

  2. Author

    Yes, technically they’re “illegal”. Spain requires, and is permitted by the EU to require, anyone living in Spain for more than 3 months to register as a foreigner living here. When they comply with this requirement they are given a Certificado de Registro (green certificate). There will be occasions when they need to produce this and, obviously, they will be unable to. Their situation at that point will be “irregular”, to say the least.

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