Summer 2018 weather: Unsettled weekend to bring high winds tonight and very rough seas tomorrow

Summer 2018 weather: Unsettled weekend to bring high winds tonight and very rough seas tomorrow

Updated 19 April: The weather has been lovely and mild over recent weeks and the last few days particularly, but it is about to change later today as an Atlantic front pushes the warm air back towards the eastern islands and Africa. Meteorologists say we can expect it to be very windy tonight, especially in the north, but that should die away tomorrow. What it will leave behind, however, is rough seas, especially in the south where Aemet has issued a yellow alert for costeros tomorrow, Friday 20. The sea is already very rough around the coast and today the search has resumed for a swimmer missing after his companion drowned yesterday (see HERE): please take great care near the coast and in the sea, and have a look at the official advice for staying safe in the water in Tenerife which I’ve put in English HERE.

Original post 27 March: The first real warm spell of 2018 is about to be upon us, with Aemet issuing a yellow alert for its forecast of a light calima over the next couple of days. The increasing temperatures will be most noticeable in the medianías and at altitude, and especially in the south and south-east of the island, where 30º or so is possible. Sadly, the warm spell is not set to be with us for long, with an unsettled spell predicted for Easter weekend.


  1. A little bit more than a light calima i would say, staying with us for a few days if I may believe the forecast. Better stay inside.

  2. Author

    It is the forecast that classifies it as “light” … I would agree that it’s anything but light! But yes, starting to clear from tomorrow, they say.

  3. The wind is very strange no in the South West. Just back from Los Gigantes harbour. The wind has blown the balcony roof off a block of six apartments in the harbour. Most of the other blocks have lost tiles and concrete. All businesses on the ground floor are closed. I didn’t hang around to take pictures as the wind is still strong.

  4. Doh! “Strong” not “strange no”. Flipping autocorrect.

  5. Author

    There are some photos HERE from the police of the damage in Los Gigantes … people will need to be able to log into Facebook to see them.

  6. Or some of them are in THIS article

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