Summer 2019 weather: second yellow alert in a month for costeros around south Tenerife coastline

Updated 14 July: Aemet has issued another yellow alert for costeros (coastal phenomena) around the whole south Tenerife coast, the second this month (see graphic to the right, click to view full size). The alert, for gale force 7 NE winds bringing wild seas, is in place from 7pm tomorrow and remains in force throughout Tuesday too. Do take care in and near the sea, and please see HERE for official advice on how to stay safe in Tenerife’s waters.

Updated 2 July: It’s very telling that there has been nothing of import to post about in the past two months since I opened the Summer 2019 weather post, with temperatures below average for this time of year, and thankfully very little in the way of calimas to report about. This will continue for a while, meteorologists say, with a slight rise in temperature over coming days, but they have put in place a yellow alert for costeros (wild seas) brought by gale force 7 winds. The alert is in place today and tomorrow in south Tenerife.

Original post 8 May: In the first real hot spell of summer 2019, Aemet has forecast a warm front coming from Africa from Friday. Aemet says that the temperatures, which are expected to rise to around 32º, even higher in some spots, are “exceptionally high for this time of year”. As so often, this sort of hot front will be accompanied by calima, and this can adversely affect those with breathing and eye conditions: anyone with either, and especially with a respiratory condition, is advised to take particular care. For official health advice please see HERE. The hot front is currently expected to last until Tuesday, though obviously such forecasts can and frequently do change as conditions evolve.

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