Arona Carnaval de Verano (Summer Carnival) in Playa de las Américas Friday 20 August

Playa de las Américas will host its first Carnaval de Verano this Friday, 20 August. Musical groups will be performing along the Golden Mile in a spectacle for residents and tourists, with the two hour show starting around 7.30pm with a parade leaving the roundabout at the Villa Cortés hotel and finishing at the Pirámide de Arona.

The Summer Carnaval is a private initiative promoted by businessman Ismael Abbassi Rojas in collaboration with Arona Ayuntamiento, and is designed to bring the street to life and revitalize the area’s commerce. Groups performing include Cariocas, Joroperos, Danzarines Canarios, Bahía Bahitiare, Tabajaras, and Los Playeritos, as well as traditional carnaval characters.

The street will be closed to traffic for the duration of the Carnaval.  DA

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