Yellow alert for heatwave in the Canaries

The Canaries have been put on Yellow Alert for high temperatures. The system of summer alerts was set in place a few weeks ago (original post 1 June immediately below), and this is the first time it has been put into practice. The Yellow Alert is active for one or two days of temperatures in excess of 33º, and 34º is anticipated, which is what it has been for the last 24 hours. The alert is expected to last throughout Monday.  Canarias24Horas

Original Post 1 June:  Now that temperatures are expected to reach 30º or so on a daily basis, the Canarian Health Dept, Sanidad, has put in place a series of pre-alerts for extreme temperatures that could jeopardize the old, the very young, and the infirm. Level 1 (yellow alert) will be used if temperatures are expected to exceed 33º for one or two days; Level 2 (orange alert) will be for 33º over 3 or 4 days; and Level 3 (red alert) for 5+ days. The Health Dept will release information as it is advised by the Spanish Met Office, and health, infrastructure and information services will spring into action. Canarias24Horas

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