Summer sales start today, July

Summer sales start today, July


Update 1 July 2011: It’s that time again! The summer sales start today.

Original post 29 June 2010: The summer sales start on 1 July, and hopes of a bumper period for the two-month rebajas are very low. The Canarians are expected to spend an average of only €55 euros during the whole time, according to the Federación de Usuarios y Consumidores Independientes (FUCI – consumer association).

The expected national average is €60, and back in 2006 this was €114, in 2007 €97, in 2008 €84. Despite rising to an average of €90 in 2009, the crisis continues to bite and the generally downward spiral is clear to see, and the Canaries’ particular problems place it as usual below the average.

The president of FUCI, Agustina Laguna, said that consumers have quite clearly gone from using the sales for pleasure purchases, or for updating their wardrobe, to getting only the absolutely necessary basics, for which they are moreover specifically awaiting the sales period.

Consumer advice is once again to pay attention to the price tickets, which should show both the sale and the original pre-sale price; a percentage discount can be shown instead of the sale price. Guarantees remain for two years even for goods on sale, and if a purchase needs to be returned within the first six months, the onus is on the shop to prove that the defect is not an original fault. Finally, the shop must accept any faulty goods returned or exchanged, providing that the consumer has the receipt.  C24H

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