Summer Sales start today

The Summer Sales start today and will run until 31 August. Retailers fear that due to the economic crisis, August will be a very slow month, and that most consumers will do their sales shopping in July. Big reductions can therefore be anticipated in the second half of the period.

Consumer advice organizations stress that shoppers should be very aware of their rights:

  • items offered for sale must be the same as normally available, with the only difference being the lower price: price tickets must show the previous cost of the item as well as the sale amount;
  • sale goods must also be in the condition they would have been previously, not damaged, and any attempt to pass off such goods should be refused or an official complaint lodged in the book that must by law be kept on the premises;
  • with regard to refunds, although businesses aren’t obliged to offer them, they must do so if they offer them at other times of the year. If a voucher is offered instead, then it must not have an expiry date.


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