Summer’s second, “much more significant”, heatwave

Update 10 July: Aemet has issued a statemet about the heatwave currently affecting the whole of Spain. As said previously, the mainland is getting the worst of this, and Aemet says that the conditions will persist, with temperatures easily in excess of 40º, and no change expected until the at least until the 16th. As far as the Canaries is concerned, we will have a few days respite with the extremely high temperatures reducing somewhat, though still in the low 30ºs, but soaring again to potentially dangerous levels from Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

Update 8 July: The heat should start to dissipate from tomorrow, with meteorologists saying that today will be the worst of the ola de calor. To me, however, it already feels very slightly fresher than yesterday, at least at altitude. Official advice remains to drink lots of water, stay indoors, keep doors and windows closed, and avoid exercise – and I think that last item is an important one.

Yesterday, a 70-year-old British woman was overcome by the heat while attempting the Barranco del Infierno walk in full heatwave. After fainting and banging her head, she had to be rescued by GES helicopter. I know the pressure to cram activity in to what might be a short holiday, but if it’s humanly possible, the emergency services beg people to wait until conditions improve before undertaking hikes or other draining exercise.

Update 6 July: There is now a yellow alert from the Met Office and a Prealert from the Canarian Government for this week’s heatwave. Specifically – and obviously – they are saying that the afternoons are going to see temperatures in the mid- to high-30ºs, and that the public should take all due care. Official advice on staying safe in heatwaves is HERE. The heatwave is expected to last at least the whole of this week.

Original post 2 July: The first summer heatwave is only just receding (link) as forecasters now say we can expect a second, much more significant, one next week. Again it is the mainland that will get the worst of it, with temperatures expected easily to reach if not exceed 40º, whereas again the Canaries will thankfully be on the margin of it. None the less, we are to anticipate temperatures well into the 30ºs, and unlike the short ola de calor just going, the next one, starting to make itself felt from tomorrow, should be with us for the whole of next week.

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