Supermoon eclipse to be broadcast live from top of Teleférico

Photo: Tenerife Cabildo.

The Tenerife Cabildo has said that the forthcoming “super lunar eclipse” overnight a week on Sunday, 27/28 September, will be broadcast to the world from the upper cable car station live on The supermoon eclipse occurs when the moon reaches its closest approach to Earth and is eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow. The eclipse will be seen with the moon 14% larger and 30% brighter, an astronomical event that will not happen again until 2025. It will last for 1h.11m between 03.11am and 04.23am on 28 September.

This supermoon eclipse will be observed and broadcast from the top of Teide cable car station by a group of international astronomers from the project Global Robotic Telescopes Intelligent Array for e-Science (GLORIA) through the webportal specialized in broadcasting similar events like eclipses, meteor showers and aurora borealis. There is already an “Ask the Moon” social network on, and all the updated event information can be found on

The transmission will be in three parts. First, on the 27th at 7.30pm for sunset and alignment of the moon with Teide’s shadow. Second, at 2am on the 28th when the moon enters the Earth’s shadow. And third, at 3am when the total eclipse starts. (Times are local to the Canaries, and the same in the UK, so an hour different from mainland Spain).


  1. Is there anywhere we can arrange to be to watch this. Will it be visible from our homes in tenerife?

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