Support in Spain – a new official resource for British nationals, especially the over-50s

A collaborative project between the British Consulates in the south Spain region and the University of Birmingham has resulted in Support in Spain, an online directory of resources, help, advice and information for British nationals in Spain. The principal focus is those over 50 years of age but really the website will be of substantial help to anyone needing to access any social or welfare assistance anywhere in Spain – one particular advantage of the site, indeed, is the ability to find genuinely local assistance rather than coming across generic listings that could be anywhere as you’d find with most online browser results.

Apart from the general advice and information side of the Support in Spain website, there is also the directory. This is a genuine directory of official Spanish government and non-government organisations as well as many others in the voluntary sector. Crucially, no individual or organization can just add their details, nor pay to advertise: these are official or officially-recognized bodies in the social and welfare fields and so anyone accessing their assistance can be assured they are not for profit, just like the website itself.

Support in Spain is HERE – set to English but it’s fully bilingual and so can work as a resource for Spanish advisers and official bodies themselves to assist with enquiries that they might not deal with specifically.  It is designed to help quickly provide contact information and details of services offered not just for an individual themselves, but also for friends and families in the UK of someone with problems here. Support in Spain also has a Facebook page HERE.

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