Swimmer missing off Poris

Update 29 August 10am: And very sadly, a body has been recovered this morning by Guardia Civil divers in Poris bay.

Update 29 August: Last night’s intensive efforts to locate this swimmer were fruitless and they resumed this morning at first light. Confirmation of the swimmer’s departure came from his swimming companion who reported him missing during a crossing of Poris bay. The Red Cross has sent psychological help for the missing swimmer’s family.

Original post 28 August: Rescue services are out in force tonight after a swimmer was reported missing off Poris. Lifeboat sea rescue was scrambled around 8pm, and as of 8.30 had been joined by Policía Local, and search and rescue helicopter and land teams. As of 9pm, a Guardia Civil patrol boat is also about to join in. Poris has been much in the news this month, with a prehistoric shark washed ashore there a week ago, and a woman’s body found floating in the sea off the coast around ten days ago.

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