Body of missing Swiss holidaymaker found

Update 5 May: Tragically, this man’s body has been found. There’s little further detail right now, other than the find was made this morning in the Igueste San Andrés area by the rescue unit of Santa Cruz Policía Local.  C24H

Original Post 4 May: Police are searching for a 76-year-old Swiss man who has gone missing near Igueste de San Andrés, a few miles further on from San Andrés, on the coast above Santa Cruz . His hire car, a Skoda, was found on a rural road in the area. Search efforts have been ongoing since this afternoon, when a hotel in south Tenerife where the man was staying reported his disappearance. Besides the Policía Local, teams of Protección Civil, forestry agents and Salvamento Marítimo are assisting the search.  El Dia


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