Taucho fiestas and Ethnographic Days – rural Tenerife as you’d dream it

Photos: Adeje Ayuntamiento.

ADEJE-VII JORNADAS ETNOGRAFICAS DE TAUCHO CULTURA DEL CEREAL (4) (860 x 578)This is rural Tenerife as you’d dream it. From 15 to 21 June Taucho, an Adeje village in the hills above Los Menores, celebrates the annual Taucho Ethnographic Days as a run up to the local fiestas over the weekend of 22-23 June in honour of the Virgen de Coromoto. This is the tenth time the event has been held, with events organised by the local fiestas committee and the Adeje department of heritage.

The Ethnographic Days include talks, films, walks, music, exhibitions and displays of local handicrafts and skills, and local hand-made products and crafts, wine, cheese, cakes and biscuits, bread and honey, all on sale to the public. The full programme is below, and this video will give a flavour. For anyone who thinks Tenerife is just about sun, sand, sea and sangria, this is exactly the sort of unforgettable experience that will dispel that illusion once and for all.

The details of the programme are HERE, but the main events begin on Friday 15th at 7pm with the official inauguration of a photographic exhibition of ‘fingerprints of our past’.  This will be followed by a talk on the Guanche families. On Saturday 16 June at 10am there is a circular ‘route’ from Taucho-El Grillo- Aponte- La Quinta-Taucho: those interested should register online at www.adeje.es

On Sunday from 11am there will an exhibition of traditional wine presses after which local residents will display traditional skills in the making of wines, cheese and honey, in the main town square; there will also be sheep shearing, candle making from beeswax, a gofio workshop and bread making. Later on the Imoque cultural association will ‘perform’ a re-creation of days gone by in the Taucho plaza, and the Tío Victor ‘cantina’ will open from 3pm for a taste of local wines. Sunday will also host artisan workshops with 26 different participants offering products for sale. 

On Tuesday 19 June there will be a traditional cake making workshop; on Wednesday a gofio, cheese and honey workshop and at 7pm a visit to the Tierras de Aponto bodega; and the programme concludes on Thursday 21 June in the Club el Almácigo with a talk by Carlos Cólogan Soriano and music from “Trío Alba Chávez”. The council says “Do remember Taucho is a small village zone and there are no large car parks, so plan your journey and allow yourself walking time from where you have parked. It’s also worth bearing in mind that all events are in Spanish. 


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