Taucho fiestas and Ethnographic Days – rural Tenerife as you’d dream it

Taucho fiestas and Ethnographic Days – rural Tenerife as you’d dream it

Photos: Adeje Ayuntamiento.

ADEJE-VII JORNADAS ETNOGRAFICAS DE TAUCHO CULTURA DEL CEREAL (4) (860 x 578)This is rural Tenerife as you’d dream it. From 17 to 22 June Taucho, an Adeje village in the hills above Los Menores, celebrates the annual Taucho Ethnographic Days as a run up to the local fiestas in honour of the Virgen de Coromoto. This is the ninth time the event has been held, with events organised by the local fiestas committee and the Adeje department of heritage.

The Ethnographic Days include talks, films, walks, music, exhibitions and displays of local handicrafts and skills, and local hand-made products and crafts, wine, cheese, cakes and biscuits, bread and honey, all on sale to the public. The full programme is below, and this video will give a flavour. For anyone who thinks Tenerife is just about sun, sand, sea and sangria, this is exactly the sort of unforgettable experience that will dispel that illusion once and for all.


PROGRAMME: (the council says “Do remember Taucho is a small village zone and there are no large car parks, so plan your journey and allow yourself walking time from where you have parked. It also notes that unless otherwise stated, all tours and events will be taking place in Spanish).

IX TAUCHO ETHNOGRAPHIC DAYS:  “The family in a rural setting”

Saturday June 17th     

10am: Guided tour: The old hamlets and their last inhabitants.  Taucho’s residents will be acting as guides and will take you on a tour of the old homesteads uncovering the secrets they hide…Itinerary: Lomo los Grillos, Aponte, Teresme, El Aserradero, Los Llanos, Los Picos, La Quinta, Taucho.

Sunday June 18th

11am: ETHNOGRAPHIC RECREATIONAL EVENT ON THE STREETS OF TAUCHO (The family in a rural setting), with the involvement of the residents of Taucho and the Imoque Cultural Association.

  • Exhibitions

“La Familia en el ámbito rural” (The family in a rural setting), photographs from the Adeje Archives

“ELLAS”, the main players in the history of a town.   A journey through the 20th Century through photographs, with women as witnesses of change: Adeje department of equality politics.

  • Display and sale of crafts and produce of the land
  • Showing of a documentary by the Imoque Association
  • Working as a family.  Sowing potato seeds using oxen teams
  • Family stories through photographs
  • A walk by Taucho’s schools
  • Farm animal fair
  • Sheep shearing and milking display
  • Slaughtering the pig, a family affair
  • Dance in Tío Víctor’s cantina – and sing along with Cantina de Manito
  • Performance by the El Mesturao group (TBC)

 Tuesday June 20th & Wednesday June 21st

  • 5pm : Traditional Taucho bakery workshop in the Lomo el Caballo grain store and bread making using a wood burning stove in Las Tosquitas.  Directed by the Taucho residents.
  • The families of the village and the fiestas commission will decorate the streets

Thursday June 22nd

8pm: Closing ceremony of the XI Taucho Ethnographic days.  El Almácigo cultural centre.

  • Talk on “Families from yesteryear and today’s memory of a town”.

With Teresa González Pérez, Professor, University of La Laguna

  • Presentation of a documentary by the Adeje  Council

The Family in a rural setting


Closing of the XI Taucho Ethnographic days and presentations with Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga

Musical event with the Imoque Cultural Association

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