Adeje Ayuntamiento closes Taucho Firing Range while Island water board decides whether shooting can continue

Updated 1 June: Adeje Ayuntamiento has closed the Taucho firing range while the Island Water Board considers the application for shooting to be carried out, with the associated spills of lead shot being collected and cleaned up periodically. In the meantime, the council is continuing with its 2016 plan to clean up the spillage of lead at the site in the barranco de Ajabo.

Original post 27 April: Shooting at the Taucho firing range could be suspended by order of the Island Water Board after lead contamination has been found in the barranco de Ajabo alongside the village. The Consejo Insular de Aguas says that the shooting range, which comes under the jurisdiction of Adeje Ayuntamiento, has been found to have left some 24 tons of lead pellets in the bed of the barranco which must now be cleaned by technicians authorized for such residues.

The island’s branch of the political party Podemos says that it has been complaining for years that this is a recognized public-health and environmental problem, and that something should have been done long before now. Party spokesman Fernando Sabaté said that the council has been fined €30,000 by the Canarian Environment Protection Agency for the spillage. Podemos has been joined in recent years by the pressure group Amigos en Defensa de Ajabo to urge the Consejo Insular de Aguas (CIAT), the Cabildo and the local Ayuntamiento to take this action.

Adeje Ayuntamiento for its part says that technicians have confirmed that there is no danger or immediate risk to health, and that the amount of lead found in the Ajabo pozo is low and within established safe limits, and represents no danger of contaminating underground water reserves. The council has a fortnight to reply to the proposal to suspend activity at the range.

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