Tax Office advises of phishing fraud by email scammers using lookalike website

It’s that time of year when everyone is doing their tax returns, and the tax office has again had to warn of an email phishing fraud. As happened this time last year, it appears that people are receiving emails purporting to be from the Agencia Tributaria requesting personal economic information, such as account numbers or credit card details.

The tax office says that the emails say that after going through the details submitted, it has not been possible to repay you the amount due back to you. The actual text in Spanish is:

Teniendo en cuenta la información que obra en poder de la Agencia Tributaria no ha sido posible devolverle el importe que le corresponde, tras revisar su borrador de Renta en la actual campaña de Renta 09.

Then, the email provides a link to a webpage for taxpayers to confirm their details. This page, although it looks just like the Agencia Tributaria’s site, is fradulent.

The fraud was detected in the middle of this morning. The tax office says that it never asks for personal details by email, and that it has now blocked access from the internet in Spain to the relevant server. C7

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