TDT decoders to be retuned as channel frequencies change to free up air waves

The Department of Industria, Turismo y Comercio will be reorganizing the frequencies of current TDT channels next Tuesday, 1 March.

The reorganization forms part of the process of the digital freeing up of the air waves according to guidelines established by Madrid in Real Decreto 365/2010 and which will occur in two phases.

The moving of frequencies, which is the first stage of phase one, will take place on 1 March, according to ministerial order ITC/99/2011 of 28 January as published in the BOE.

The Canarian Government has therefore advised viewers that decoders will need to be retuned. A small number of the more up-to-date decoders might do this automatically, but the majority will not.

Further information has been made available for viewers on the Government’s TDT website, or by phone to 901 201 004.

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