Teide closed to traffic as Cabildo reactivates Operativo Nevadas for public holiday today

Operativo nevadas Jan 2011

Update 2 February: Since today is a public holiday in Tenerife, the Cabildo has reactivated its Operativo Nevadas to prevent the usual influx of visitors into the National Park area. Again, traffic will be one-way between the Arafo junction to El Portillo and down to La Orotava. Traffic from Boca de Tauce in the south will only be able to go as far as the Teleférico.The road between the Teleférico and El Portillo is closed. The Cabildo says that for the safety of the public, Operativo Nevadas will be enforced by around 100 officers and some 40 vehicles from 8am until 6pm this evening. DT

Update 1 February: The Cabildo has closed the La Esperanza and La Orotava access roads to the Teide National Park because of ice and snow.  The La Esperanza road, the TF24, is closed from the Arafo junction, and the La Orotava road, the TF21, from the Casa del Caminero. Road teams are working to clear the carriageways. The Cabildo has asked the public not to try to approach the area for their own safety.  PV

Update 28 January: The Tenerife Cabildo has activated its Operativo Nevadas (Operation Snowfalls) which will be in force over Saturday and Sunday. The decision was taken due to the great number of people expedcted to drive up to the Teide National Park to enjoy the snow this weekend, and as a means to ensure their safety.

The Cabildo Operation is run in conjunction with the Environment Dept, Protección Civil, the Teide National Park authorities, the Guardia Civil, Tráfico, Anaga Emergency Assistance, the Red Cross, and the 112 Emergency Services.

The map above shows which roads are affected. Green are closed completely, blue are one-way only, and red function normally. The one-way road will be open to traffic going from the Arafo cross up to El Portillo and down to La Orotava. The road between the Teleferico and El Portillo will be completely closed.

The situation is continually under review, and further road closures or amendments are possible as the weather develops over the weekend. The public is urged to check what the latest situation is before going anywhere near the area: the Road Information phone number is 900 210 131.

Anyone who does travel into the National Park is requested to do so only during hours of daylight, and not during the early morning. The public is also reminded that they must use the right hand side of the road even on one-way stretches because emergency vehicles might be using the other carriageway.

Further information is available from the Cabildo’s Diario de Tenerife www.diariodetenerife.info, or by phone from the Public Information Centre on 901 501 901. There is also the Road Information line as above, 900 210 131.

snow covered Teide

Update 27 January: The Cabildo has closed the TF21 again because of ice on the road. The part of the road that’s closed is between the El Portillo bar to the Teleférico. The TF24 La Esperanza road is also closed between the junction with the Arafo road to the El Portillo junction. The Cabildo asks the public to stay away from the area for their own safety. El Dia

Update 25 January 11pm: The Cabildo has now reopened the access roads to Teide via La Esperanza and La Orotava. El Dia

Original post 25 January: The TF24 and TF21 access roads to Teide (La Esperanza and La Orotava-Boca Tauce) have been closed by the Tenerife Cabildo because of the temporal which has left them blocked by snow.

Specifically, the TF24 is closed from the crossing with the Arafo road (TF523) to the El Portillo junction with the TF21. The TF21 itself is closed from the El Portillo junction to the junction with the TF38 which goes to Boca Tauce and Chio.

Cabildo road teams have been working with snow machines since early this morning to try to get the routes clear, but for the meantime, the Cabildo asked the public not to approach the area because it is dangerous. Cabildo; TinerGuía


  1. are the roads to Teide from La Esperanza and the south open now?
    Thanks! Is there a website I can check?


  2. Author

    The situation is so changeable it’s best to check direct. HERE is the official roads site from the Cabildo – it’s a map which shows “events” on roads. At the moment (24 March 9am) the TF24 La Esperanza and TF21 through the caldera are closed in part.

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